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Title: Thank You Alice!
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/Pairings: Alice/Bella friendship, Edward/Bella
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Summary: Bella is dragged once again into shopping with Alice, but the results are more than appreciated.

Once again, I was dragged by the little pixie on a shopping spree. She flitted in and out of shops like a madwoman! I love the girl to pieces, but I would much rather have been at home spending quality time with Edward, but she said she had one of her visions and said I would appreciate this trip. I highly doubted it.

So here I am in Victoria’s Secret trying on countless bras, the women of the store and Alice all darting around me and adjusting and me getting more claustrophobic by the minute.
“Alice, will we be done soon? I’m feeling a little awkward here” I said gesturing to the woman poking at my boobs in my current ensemble, a lacy red bra with hearts.

“We’ll be done soon enough, I promise! This is the last store!”

“It was the last store 2 hours and 6 stores ago” I muttered under my breath.

She just huffed at me and told me to be patient. I have to admit, shopping can be fun, and I do like it occasionally, but I’ll never let Alice know. I’d be out shopping every day.

13 bras later and Alice sweeping up matching panties for them, we were checking out. I gestured to the sets asking if she was getting all of them, and she gave me an incredulous look.
“No silly, these sets are yours and THESE are mine” she said pulling a huge bag of more sets out seemingly from nowhere.

Before I could tell her she was crazy and there was no way I was buying all of them, the clerk gave the total and Alice’s credit card was in her hand.

“I know what you were going to say, and the answer was my lovely credit card!”

I wanted to argue with her, but she just stared at me as if to say ‘don’t even try it’ so I just let out a sigh, and smiled when she handed me the bag.

We started walking out back to our cars and I couldn’t have felt more relieved. Finally the spree was over and I could go home. Buckling myself in, a huge grin slid over my face at the prospect of seeing Edward after this long date with Alice.

“Silly girl, wipe the grin. We may be done shopping, but we’re going to get our hair and nails done now”

Well, at least I get to be seated for most of that, so I decided not to protest. Well, not as much as if it would’ve been more shopping.

After an hour of washing, blow-drying, tweezing and everything else, I was ready to walk out of the shop. Other than my wedding day to Edward, I can’t say I’ve ever felt more beautiful, confident and sexy. Of course, all good things come to an end.

I was walking to the door as Alice was charging things, and tripped over a bottle of shampoo that had materialized out of nowhere.

Alice was swift to catch me before I could fall, but I still felt like an ass. So much for confidence.

“I’m so sorry miss! I dropped the bottle by accident! Clumsy me!”

I muttered an ‘it’s ok, happens to me a lot’ and continued to walk toward the door. Alice told me to grab the Victoria’s Secret bags out of the car. I didn’t ask why, afraid of another bottle showing up or Alice’s stare. One was bound to happen, so I just carefully walked to the car and got the bags out.

I made it back inside the store in one piece with the bags in tow. Alice picked around in the bags and threw me one of the sets she purchased, and told me loudly to go put it on.

The ladies in the salon gave us both funny looks, and so as not to embarrass myself further, I went to the bathroom in the back of the salon to obey her command.

I put the set on and blushed at my reflection. Pulling my jeans and t-shirt back on, I walked out of the bathroom, and Alice gave a huge grin and said

“Now we can go home.”
When I got home, Edward was waiting at the door. I barely got to say hello before he had me our room, my clothes suddenly discarded save for my new set.

“Remind me to thank Alice” he murmured trailing kisses down my body.

“You’re Welcome!!” A shout sounded through the house.

“Alice” I said under my breath, silently cursing her, but loving her at the same time.

“Edward” a voice said above me.

“And you’d do well to remember it because you’ll be screaming it momentarily.”

I gasped as the set Alice bought me lay forgotten on the floor. Oh yeah, thank you Alice indeed.


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