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Title: Capturing His Heart
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Glee
Genre: Fluff
Pairings/Characters: Puck/Lauren
Summary: Lauren managed to do something the other girls before her did not.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] geeky_ramblings

It was just something about her. It sounded cliché’ like out of a romance novel or something, but it was true. While he could have easily had any chick, he wanted her. And how she kept pushing him away and making him run after her to ‘woo’ her as she put it, only made him want her more.

When she stood him up for the date at Breadstix, he was hurt. For once, he was the victim, and he didn’t like it. Now he knew how girls felt when he did it to them. It was a feeling he didn’t want to experience twice.

When they went out on Valentine’s Day, all he wanted was to kiss her, but she didn’t let him. He knew she was into him, but she kept trying to deny it. He briefly had imagined himself making out with her, allowing himself to get familiar with every last curve of her body. She looked at him like she knew what he was thinking, and kissed him on the cheek. That little kiss meant more than any make out session he ever had.

When she sang that song in glee club he never felt more proud of her. He wished he had the right words to tell her and express it. But he’s not really a man of words, so he hoped his smile to her told her how he felt.

When she kissed him the first time in the hallway after finding out he had joined the celibacy club, it made his heart soar. He’d never admit it you know because it wasn’t manly to be all gushy and stuff. But it made him feel great. And her calling him a nerd should have made him feel defensive, but it only made him smile. He’d happily be her nerd if it meant she’d kiss him like that more often.

He can’t say for sure that what he feels for her is love, but he knows it’s heading there. It almost feels like he was the Grinch and his heart went from this small barely beating thing, to nearly explosive. He thinks it’s pretty close to exploding, and when it does it will all be for her. All for Lauren Zieses, the girl who accomplished something none of the other girls ever did; capturing his heart.


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