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Title: Unexpected Pleasure
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Twilight
Genre: Smut/Hentai
Characters/Pairings: Alice/Bella (main), Edward/Bella
Summary: Edward has left to go hunting, leaving Bella in Alice's care. Alice has an unexpected vision that surprises and pleases both her and Bella.
Notes: For furousha

Of all the premonitions I’ve had in my life, this is one I never thought I’d have. I thanked my lucky stars that Charlie was with the Blacks and Edward was out hunting for the weekend. I stayed behind to be with Bella, and she was currently in the shower. If it were possible I’d have shivered in that moment thinking about it. What was my vision? It was of Bella coming out of the shower with just her towel and climbing on top of me. Oh lord, how many times have I imagined this since I met her? Sure, I love Jasper, but Bella is just so damn beautiful, her name fits her perfectly.

I suddenly hear the shower turn off, and I sit on her bed in anticipation. What’s taking her so damn long?

Finally, after several agonizing moments, I hear the door to her bedroom creak open. I see her walking toward me, sure enough in her towel, water still cascading off her skin. I like my lips in anticipation.

“Alice…” she says my name so softly, that were I not a vampire, I would not have heard it.

“Bella…” I say back just as soft, hoping she realizes I know.

She approaches me, pushing me softly onto the bed, her lips slowly pressing against mine. They feel so soft, it makes me want to take my time with her, but I can’t. I’ve never felt this way before, and because of my speed, within mere seconds, she’s below me, her towel begging to come free from her body. I press my body into hers, our lips still attached, as she lets out a soft moan. I growl at the pleasure it’s making me feel.
Suddenly, she says something I couldn’t have even predicted.

“Alice, bite me” she says between a moan.

“Bella…no” I say also struggling to hold back a moan at the mere thought of the idea.

“Not a bite to change me Alice. Bite me, taste my blood” she said moving her towel up to reveal her inner thighs, barely covering her sex. I groan in frustration, torn as to whether I should or not.

“Bella I can’t…..” I say quickly losing my resolve as she presses further into me.

“It’s not like he’ll see. Edward refuses to bed me until we’re married anyway”

I growl at the mention of his name.

“Don’t mention him right now” I say in somewhat of a menacing tone, causing her to smirk at me.

I tried to open my mind to see if he would indeed find out, and when I didn’t see it in the immediate future, I attacked her inner thigh, with a moan. Her blood was so damn sweet, and I could smell her arousal making me all the more excited myself. Bella was moaning too, and I stretched a hand up to knead her breasts, causing her to moan louder.

I knew I needed to stop before I drained her or changed her, so I reluctantly detached myself from her thigh, my mouth stained with her blood, but I didn’t care. I attacked her lips again, and moved fingers to her pussy pushing three inside of her at such a high speed, within seconds, my hand was wet from her cum. I smirked and released my hand, taking the fingers and licking them off.

I could feel she was ready to change positions and take control now, and I was about to let her, when my mind flashed and saw that Edward made a split decision to come home early.

“FUCK!” I hollered.

Bella seemed to understand, and we both got dressed quickly. I knew Edward would see into my mind. I had to leave. As Bella finished pulling on her pants, she walked to me, kissed me hard on the lips and said

“This takes the term baby-sitting to a new level. Feel free to watch me whenever Edward has to hunt” she said softly. With those parting words, I waited until just before Edward approached her window, to dash out chanting

“Blood, blood, blood” in my mind to make him think I needed my turn to hunt rather than the fact that I had just devoured Bella’s. Shit, I hope he doesn’t smell it….

Bella POV

“Edward, you’re back early” I said. I really hope he didn’t smell the blood.

“Bella, Alice just tore out of here, and I smell blood. Did something happen?”

I strained to find an answer, and came up with a lousy one, hoping he’d buy it.

“When I was getting out of the shower, I fell and a pair of tweezers I had on the floor poked me in the thigh.”

“Should I look at it or have Carlisle look at it?” he said almost huskily. Shit.

“No, no, I’m fine. Nothing serious.”

Thankfully he seemed to buy it, and finally we settled in to bed and cuddled until I fell asleep.
When Edward told me I’d be “babysitting” Bella again, I couldn’t help but be excited. I packed up my things to go to her house smiling widely. Thinking Edward was gone, I allowed myself to think about our last rendevouz.

All of a sudden, I felt a presence behind me.


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