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Title: Destined
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/Pairings: Jacob/Renesmee
Summary: Jacob ponders what destiny is all about as he thinks of Renesmee.
Notes: For [ profile] rhye

I never would have thought I would fall in love with such a creature. After all, my kind was supposed to hate vampires. Well, I suppose she’s technically not a vampire, only half, but still. I had loved her mother, and was pissed that she was going to have a child, a child born from him. Yes, my resentment towards him is still somewhat there as are my feelings for Bella, but they are miniscule compared to what I feel for her.

The moment she came out of her mother’s womb, I felt this jolt, like a need to be near her. At first I wanted to resist, couldn’t imagine myself with this thing, this abomination. But the harder I tried, the harder it became to resist, and I finally gave in, and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

She’s still not quite ready to be fully in a relationship with me yet, but I will always watch over her carefully because I know she is mine, and I hers.

Some people say destiny is crap and doesn’t exist, but I feel destined to be with her. And I know this because not only do I have her, but I will have my best friend always at my side, along with an extended family. I truly could not ask for more.


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