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Title: In Her Arms
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Rosario Vampire
Characters/Pairings: Kurumu/Mizore, Tskune
Summary: She hides her feelings afraid of rejection, but was it really necessary?
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] jenthehen

Everyone thinks I’m still running after Tskune hoping for his affections. The truth is, while I still care for Tskune deeply I know that he belongs to Moka and have since turned my affections elsewhere. Where you ask? Towards our icy friend Mizore. I only pretend to go after Tskune so as to keep up appearances and hide my true feelings, as I am almost sure she doesn’t feel the same. After all, she too has feelings for Tskune.

I pace around in my room this night wondering how the hell I am going to capture the snow fairy’s attention. I wonder briefly if I can use my powers over her. I’m not sure that they would work on a female, but if Mizore is my ‘destined one’ it could be possible right?
A few moments into my thoughts, a knock comes on my door. Startled, I jumped at the sound. Slowly I wander to the door and open it to reveal a smiling Tskune. I look at him bewildered wondering why he of all people would show up at my room this late, alone no less.

“Kurumu-chan, sorry for the late visit, but I just wanted to know if I could talk with you?”

A while ago, I would have already had him dragged onto the bed strangling him with my breasts, but now, even though there are lingering feelings, I simply nod, and lead him into my room where he takes a seat on the edge of my bed. I join him not soon after.
“Kurumu-chan. I have something I wish to tell you. This isn’t easy….”

I cut him off before he can get started, and briefly wander back to my old methods by hugging him to my breasts and exclaiming my feelings for him. Once I release him, I look into his eyes and attempt to make him mine using my powers, remembering the jealousy I have of Moka.
“Kurumu-chan. You know very well that won’t work for me, and even if it did, I’m not really who you want anymore am I?”

My eyes revert back to their normal color, my succubus traits dissolve, and I find I can’t look him in the eyes.

“Kurumu” he says patting my back. I look up at him surprised at the use of my name without any honorifics. I’ve always told him to do so, but this is the first time.

“Kurumu. I came here to tell you of my decision to be with Moka. I haven’t officially asked her, but I’m hoping she will accept, and even if she doesn’t, I will continue to pursue her. I just wanted you to know so there are no hard feelings. I love you very much, just not that way. Moka holds my heart. And even though I know you still hold feelings for me, I’ve noticed they’ve started to change as well, and I think I know why.”

“You do?” I respond. Was I that transparent?

“You’re in love with Mizore, hai?”

I blush, unwilling to admit it.

“You don’t have to tell me, but I think there might be someone else who wants to know.”

With that, a knock on my door sounded for the second time that night. Tskune goes to open it, greets the person, and then over his shoulder bids me goodbye.

I know without looking up who it is. I feel her get closer to me, and the blush creeps up further on my face.

“You know you don’t need any of those unnecessary powers of yours to get to me. You already got me and melted the icy walls against my heart” she said in a whisper.

I look up with tearful eyes and smile at her, genuinely happy for the first time in a while. She smiles back, and the two of us lean in. Her soft lips touch mine. Their so warm, warmer that I thought they would be considering what she is.

Before we realize it, I’m laying on the bed, her on top of me, hands roaming all over the place. I pull away and tell her we should slow down. She agrees, and we lay down next to each other, as she puts her arms around me and holds me close. For hours we talk about random things and when we fell for each other. It started to get late, and I knew she should have left, but before I knew it, she was fast asleep. I smiled to myself. I knew she wasn’t technically allowed to sleep in my room, but just this once I would break the rules. I got up to shut off the light, and then climbed back into bed and into the one place I knew I would always want to be - in her arms.


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