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Title: Nothin' on You
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairings: Puck/Kurt, Finn/Rachel
Genre: Romance
Summary: Kurt never expected Puck to say yes, nor did he expect to get caught.
Notes: drabble request for [livejournal.com profile] geeky_ramblings

When Kurt approached Puck for a date, he never in a million years imagined him to say yes. It had been something he fantasized about but never thought it to become a reality. He expected Puck to laugh and throw a slushie in his face. But here they were at the town’s annual carnival, their hands interlaced. He looked up at his date with a blush, and Puck gave a small smile back.

The two rode on the ferris wheel stealing small kisses, and by the end of the night, were in the photo booth, making out as though there was no tomorrow. So lost in their moment, they barely head someone clear their throat.

They looked up to see Finn and Rachel staring at them in disbelief. Rachel smirked saying

“Well, now I know why we never got further than making out.” Realizing her slip she covered her mouth and Finn turned his look of disbelief from the two boys to her. She started to stutter and then turned the other direction to walk away. Finn ran after her, leaving the two boys laughing.

Looking up Kurt asked Puck “Am I better than Rachel?”

to which the mow hawk haired teen looked at his date and replied

“She ain’t got nothin’ on you stud” and then lowered his mouth to his once more, resuming their rendezvous in the photo booth.


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