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Title: The Moon that Binds Us
Author: browneyedmai
Fandom: Inuyasha
Genre: Romance
Characters/Pairings: Miroku/Sango
Summary: They meet where the moon shines it's brightest and while words may not be spoken, they know.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] aamalie 's MiroSanta 2009

Both she and I have had troubled lives and so many burdens to bear. I’d like to think we were fated to meet. We had this unspoken agreement between us. She knew I loved her, and she loved me. Neither of us were ready to say it, but we knew.

I’ve always been somewhat of a lecherous man, and many may think I’ve coupled in the sheets with many women, but a grope of their backside is all I’ve yet to accomplish. I may be a man with lecherous thoughts, but I am also a man of honor, and cliché as it sounds, I want to wait for the right woman to lay with and allow to bear my children.

The night was cold, and sleep just would not consume me. I had one too many things on my mind. I looked across the way to see if my love was on her sleeping mat, and when I saw the empty space, I knew where I could find her.

Silently I walked into the forest and found the spot where the moon shone it’s brightest. On nights when she could not sleep, she would go here, and I would join her. She sat with her knees pulled into her chest and did not acknowledge my presence until I sat down beside her.

“It’s beautiful today isn’t it? Almost makes me forget all my impeding troubles” she said.

I granted her a smile and agreed. We sat like that for quite some time. Eventually, she laid her head on my shoulder and fell into a contented sleep. My heart felt warm at that moment, knowing the one I love found comfort in me. I was horribly tempted to reach down to her bottom and give my signature grope, but this time I allowed my arm to find solace around her waist pulling her closer to me. She sighed in her sleep. I sat there for a while reveling in her warmth and staring at the moon, happy to have it’s very presence bring us together.

After a while though, I knew we should be getting back to camp, so I carefully lifted her into my arms, and began walking back. She didn’t stir until I was about to set her down on her mat. She sleepily looked up at me and said


I knew what she was trying to say, and I knew she couldn’t say it, not yet. I set her down and the mat, kissed her forehead and told her

“I know…and I feel the same”

She smiled and fell back into sleep almost instantly. To be honest I wonder if she realized she had even awoken.

I found my way back to my mat and as I lay back down and look up at the stars, I knew that with everything I had I would fight not just for myself and my companions, but for the love I knew I could not bear to leave behind, selfish as it may be. With that final thought, I said a silent prayer to the kamis asking them to watch over our group, and to help us. When the day of his defeat comes, only then will I be able to say it without regret or pain, and only then will I be able to hold her in my arms, and ask her to be my wife, and bear my children. When that day comes I will not hesitate. But for now, we keep that silent agreement knowing that one day, whether we still walk this earth or if we meet in heaven or hell, that we will belong to each other fully.


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