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Title: Mischievous Mistletoe
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Genre: Romance
Characters/Pairings: Tamaki/Haruhi
Summary: At the annual holiday host club party, the twins convince Haruhi to dress as a girl and not tell anyone. When she finds herself under the mistletoe with a certain host club member, will he recognize her?
Notes: Written for my Christmas Exchange 2009 for [livejournal.com profile] moonchild10

Every year, just after exams are finished, the host club would hold a special holiday celebration. This year was no different with the exception that now they had Haruhi as a member, and Kyouya would be selling “special” catalogues of candid photos from of the host club members.

Each of the members were currently setting up, and Hikaru and Kaoru were trying to get Haruhi into her costume. It was a very pretty dress for sure, but not her style. And anyway, she wasn’t supposed to be a girl. She protested and groaned until she finally gave in when she realized she wouldn’t be winning the fight. She put on the dress and the twins added some extensions to her hair. They instructed her not to come out with the host club since she would be dressed like a girl, but to come in with all the girls who were supposed to be at the party. They also told her not to tell anyone, including the other host members who she was just in case. In reality, they just didn’t want her to tell Tamaki, but didn’t want to give it away. Being naïve as ever, Haruhi complied. What she didn’t know was that the twins had a scheme up their sleeve.

They then exited the room, and joined the rest of the host club members with rather obvious grins on their faces. Noticing their missing member, Tamaki asked

“Where’s Haruhi?”

“No worries, she’ll be here. She will just be a bit late. I will cover for her” Kyouya responded smoothly.

Tamaki looked a bit confused for the moment, but then just shrugged his shoulders, and joined the other members in opening the hall up for the girls.

All the girls filled in, all screaming with happiness, each hoping to catch the eye of their favorite host club member. In moments, each member had a girl in their arms and were dancing lively.

In the midst of the girls was Haruhi. She was going to find Hikaru and Karou, but got distracted when some other girls began to talk to her. It was actually somewhat nice to not have to put on a façade for a change she decided. She got quite a few compliments on her dress, and then a few of them began to interrogate her on which member she liked the most. In her mind, she knew she had fallen for a long time ago, but she didn’t dare say, and was having a hard time answering them, when their small group parted, and a hand extended to her asking her to dance…the same hand she longed for.

The two began to dance and Tamaki held small talk with her as he held her close. She blushed at the contact, but didn’t complain because she truly couldn’t have been more happy in that moment. The two danced to several songs, and were standing dangerously close to a familiar holiday plant when two mischevious twins and a shadow king moved closer cleverly shoving them over so they were both underneath it.

“You know what to do, you’re under the mistletoe!” two familiar voices sounded.

Haruhi and Tamaki looked up at the mysterious plant, wondering when it got there, and Haruhi was glaring daggers at her two twin friends. Without warning, Tamaki took her closer into his arms, her face getting brighter red. His face got increasingly closer to hers, and then he leaned in and kissed her. Haruhi kissed him back, wondering if she’d ever get this chance again. When the two broke for air, he whispered

“I’ve always wanted to do that…..Haruhi”

Haruhi gasped and asked “You knew it was me?”

“I didn’t at first, but then I saw you in the crowd with the girls and I just knew” he said kissing her cheek.

Behind them, several girls were glaring, sad to discover that their king had kissed another girl. Luckily they remained oblivious that it was Haruhi.

The rest of the host club looked on, grins adorning each of their faces.

The night concluded, everyone stuffed with holiday food. Tamaki agreed to walking Haruhi home.

When they reached her front door, Haruhi was about to say goodnight and go on, but he pulled her close again and said

“Just because there’s no mistletoe doesn’t mean I shouldn’t kiss my girlfriend goodnight”

He kissed her softly, a smile on her lips. He parted from her, wishing her a goodnight, and Haruhi went inside a goofy grin on her face. She slipped into her room quietly so as not to wake up her father, wondering when she would be able to kiss her boyfriend for the third time.


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