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Title: Cravings Gone Public
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters/Pairings: Akito/Shigure, Ayame
Summary: Akito is several months pregnant and suddenly has a bad craving for hot chocolate. One problem...the snow outside is getting worse by the minute! What will the two face on the way home from the store, and how will they pass the time?
Notes: Written for my Christmas Exchange 2009 for [livejournal.com profile] paynesgrey

Snow was falling, the breeze was chilly, and everything had been covered in snow. Everyone had decided to just stay inside due to the poor weather. Akito and Shigure were sitting by the fireside in their new apartment when Akito, several months along with their first child, suggested they go the store to pick up some hot chocolate to warm them up.

“But it’s cold outside! Wouldn’t that be worse? Not to mention you shouldn’t be doing anything to put stress of the baby!” Shigure whined
“No! We need to go dammit! I need some hot chocolate now!” she hollered back at him. Since the curse had been broken she admittedly had become nicer, but with her being pregnant, well, it was a scary thing on its own.

Knowing not to push the issue, Shigure went and got their coats and the car keys before grabbing his wife’s hand and heading out the door. Once in the car, the two rode in silence all the way to the store.

The store was deserted save for the employees and 2 other customers. Shigure went to grab the hot chocolate, but before he could touch the box, Akito was shouting about picking the wrong brand, and why does he not know that she likes the other brand. Shigure sighed, and then grabbed the “correct” brand before the two headed to the register.

After they were rang up, they pulled off, and began heading home. They were about half way there when they had to come to a stop. The snow had gotten really bad, and the two were stuck!

They sat there for a while wondering what to do. Akito blamed Shigure saying why the hell he agreed to go out in the first place if he knew this was going to happen. The two argued back and forth as the car piled up with snow. After a few moments of back and forth yelling, the two stopped and looked at each other and then burst out laughing. The two laughed at the stupidity of the argument for a good few moments.

Shigure looked at Akito with a suggestive look, and Akito was more than happy to oblige. She was only three months pregnant, and unless you really looked, you couldn’t tell at first glance. Clothes began to be discarded, thrown against the seats. The two, finally naked settled in the back seat, and Shigure entered her slowly. She moaned at the feeling of him inside her, and he grinned as he leaned forward to grab one of her breasts. The two continued their activities, the two constantly battling for dominance. After a while, the two lay in the back seat, spent from the whole ordeal. Before they knew it, the two were fast asleep.

A couple hours later, there was a tapping at their window. Shigure cracked an eye open, and looked up startled to see a familiar face smirking at him.

“My goodness Shigure, I know with her being pregnant and all that the urges would be even higher, but I never expected something like this. You’re lucky I just happened to be passing by and told the officer that was just about to arrest you for public nudity that I’d make a dress for his wife’s Christmas present. Shame on you!”

Shigure looked up at his relative and smirked

“There’s nothing wrong with a man acting on his desires” he said in response.

The two laughed, and Akito stirred. She looked content for the moment, then looked up and saw Ayame’s face, and remembered the current situation.

“What the fuck?!” she shouted.

Ayame took that as his cue to leave, and Shigure and Akito fumbled to finish getting dressed.

Much to Shigure’s relief, Akito didn’t complain or argue with him all the way home; however the two were silent most of the ride, so he wasn’t sure if it was a good thing.

They arrived home, and parked the car in the garage. Before he could open the door, it had locked and a hand grabbed his wrist.

“You’re not going anywhere. You and I have unfinished business” she said seductively. Never one to deny anything sexual, Shigure happily gave in, and that’s how they spent the better part of their afternoon, with the hot chocolate forgotten.


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