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Title: Love Underneath the Mistletoe
Author: browneyedmami
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters/Pairings: Sess/Adult Rin
Genre: Romance
Summary: Sesshomaru has been visiting Rin less and less now that she has become of age. But when Kagome has them all gather for the Christmas holiday, will he finally let down his icy walls and admit to what he is feeling?
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] ravyn_skye for my Christmas 2009 fic exchange

Rin had been living in the human village with Kaede ever since she had returned to her world, and still lived there now since Kagome came back. It was hard to believe that the young girl who played in the fields of flowers, was now a young woman of nearly eighteen.

She hadn’t seen Sesshomaru in quite some time. Once she turned fifteen, the visits from him became more scarce, and she hadn’t a clue as to why. The truth was, said demon was having a hard time getting used to her being of age and couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden when he saw her he’d get this weird feeling in his heart and a twinge in his nether regions. He had dismissed it thinking perhaps she had recently done some new miko magic, refusing to believe he was attracted to her.

On this night however, the snow coated the ground with white, the trees outside were decorated, and everyone, including Sesshomaru and Rin were gathered around for holiday festivities. Sesshomaru really hadn’t wanted to come, calling the holidays stupid and pointless, but when Rin stepped beside Kagome that day asking him to come with that slight pout on her face, he couldn’t resist.

Earlier that day Kagome had explained the tradition of mistletoe. Though she day dreamed of the fantasy of her and Sesshomaru kissing underneath one, she figured it was useless to dream such a silly thing. Not to mention, where would she find any anyway? Sighing to herself, she excused herself from dinner and walked outside until she came to a large tree. She looked up at it, and discovered something. Several sprigs of mistletoe were hanging from it! For a moment, she seemed happy to have found some, but then remembered it would do her no good if the man she loved wouldn’t reciprocate.

“Why the hell would he do such a thing anyway? I mean, he can’t even stomach to look at me lately” she said aloud.

“It is not that I cannot stand to look at you, it’s because I am having a hard time controlling urges I never knew I was capable of until now” a deep voice from behind her called.

“Lord Sesshomaru….I….” she started to say.

“What is it that this Sesshomaru is supposedly not capable of doing?” he asked stepping toward her. She blushed before replying with

“It is not that you are not capable of doing so Sesshomaru-sama, it’s just I don’t think you would want to”

“And what is it then that I supposedly do not wish to do then Rin?” he said with a hint of seduction in his voice.

His face was so close to hers, she was struggling forming a coherent thought and everything she tried to say came out as a stammer.

“Rin? You have not answered my question” he said

“Well, you see, Kagome was explaining this tradition about a small plant called mistletoe, and I happened to find some on this tree, and well…when two people are underneath it, they’re supposed to….” she trailed off.

Before she could allow herself to finish, he leaned even closer to her, and allowed his lips to touch hers. She immediately responded much to his satisfaction. She allowed his tongue to enter her mouth, and the two were kissing like two lovers that had been apart for years. Finally they broke for air, and he said

“Supposed to do that?” she smiled and said

“Yeah, something like that. But maybe it was more like this” and with that, she allowed her lips to descend onto his, and the two kissed with fiery passion.

After a while, the two broke for air, and Sesshomaru looked her straight into the eye

“Rin, will you allow this Sesshomaru to take you as his mate?”

“Hai, Sesshomaru-sama” she said with a blush.

“Sesshomaru” he spoke in return. She knew what he meant. He wanted her to drop the honorifics.

“Sesshomaru” she said back to him in a whisper.

“I know not of human customs of marriage, but I am willing to learn” he said seriously to her.
She just smiled in response and told him not to worry. The two then walked hand in hand back to the camp where everyone was still celebrating.

When the two re-entered the hut, hands still linked, everyone looked up at them, and all of them simultaneously chorused


Rin blushed, and Sesshomaru smirked to himself thinking perhaps this holiday wasn’t as stupid as he thought.


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